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9 year olds now worry about iphones and makeup when i was 9 i was worried about if miley was gonna pick jake or jessie on hannah montana

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ok, so today at the daycare that i volunteer at it was ‘princess and superhero’ day and this little boy walked in in this sparkling blue dress and my favorite thing is that none of the kids reacted at all, they just told him he looked pretty and went on with their day and that is why children are better than adults


You’re gay? That’s cool.
You’re straight? That’s cool.
You’re bi? That’s cool.
You’re asexual? That’s cool.
You’re gender fluid? That’s cool.
You’re happy with who you are and what you identify as? That’s COOL.
You’re an asshole? That’s not cool.
It’s that simple.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture that so fully summed up what it is to be a cat owner. 

Disneyland during rain, or fog, or darkness is my favorite, it truly looks like a hazy dream.

This has to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen